The Beginning.

Ok. I’ve taken the first step in blogging and actually created my blog. *cue applause* This electronic journal of sorts is the gateway to all things grand and magnificent. Well, not really. It’s just where I’m going to keep everybody up to date on my foreign goings-on.

Right now, I’m one month away from departing for this grand adventure. Actually, exactly one month from now I’ll probably be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Asleep. Most definitely. Unless I’m staring fixedly out the window at the seemingly endless expanse of saltwater. Either way, I will be en route to Italy for the greatest adventure of my life. As you can tell, I’m so incredibly excited that I’ve already created my blog a full 31 days before my departure! But don’t worry. I won’t be updating everyday leading up to February 18. Maybe just a couple times to keep everyone updated on the status of my readiness [or non-readiness] to leave home. It’s a scary scary thing, but I know that God is going to do great things through this trip. I’m leaving it all in His hands.

Your eager traveler,


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