This may be a very long update, so get comfortable. ;]

Ok. I’m going to try to give you an update without leaving out any important parts or boring you with any dubious details about waiting in lines or going through customs or trying futilely to get sleep on airplanes. So, without further delay, I shall begin.

Early Thursday morning I went out to breakfast for one last meal with my family. I ran some last-minute errands, did some last-minute packing, and then did some last-minute re-packing. Getting my luggage down to the right poundage was a taxing series of weighing, eliminating items, and weighing again. Finally, with the help of my dear mom, I got rid of many articles of clothing, several unneeded liquids, and other weighty things that were keeping my largest suitcase over 50 pounds. After an issue with security involving my towel, my hair straightener, and one of my galoshes, I repacked my carryon and waited at my gate with mom. My first flight was SA to Houston where I had a layover for about 2 hours. Then I had my long flight. Houston to Frankfurt: 9.5 hours. It was the biggest plane I’ve ever been on. The food wasn’t bad and the bathroom was a slightly bigger than I expected. They played a couple movies, but I didn’t really watch them because I wanted to sleep. I was only able to get in a couple naps here and there, but nothing too exciting happened. During the whole flight, I felt kind of sick due to little sleep, nervousness, weird eating times, and SO much air travel. I was going back and forth the whole time between being completely terrified and extremely excited. The coolest experience was a total accident. I had closed my window when I wanted to go to sleep, but I opened it later when we were over the Atlantic just to see if I could see the ocean. When I looked out, I couldn’t see anything below, but above, the stars were incredible. It was the most amazing, beautiful sight. I’m sure that if anyone had looked over at me, they would have thought I was crazy because I sat for about 5-10 minutes trying to block out the light in the plane with my pillow, just staring at the sky. As the sun rose and we made our final descent into Frankfurt, I made two very astute observations. Germany is covered in snow. Also, their trees are very funny looking. =P Had about a three hour layover there. The airport was huge and super confusing. Part of it was really ghetto looking with pieces of the ceiling missing and really low lighting. Then, when they spat me outside of security, it looked like a freaking mall! I went through security again and walked to my gate and waited for my flight, but those details are all boring. Frankfurt to Venice seemed like the shortest flight in my life compared to my long one and, thankfully, I was soon on the ground, getting my luggage, and meeting up with folks from CCBC Italy.

One of my new housemates, Rachel, and I rode with Brian [one of the people in charge of the school] in his car to our new home in Montebelluna. There’s only six of us students this semester: 3 girls and 3 guys. Because there’s so few of us, we girls [Rachel, Victoria, and I] each get our own bedroom. Our apartment is above a store, and in the basement is our student commons with couches, study areas, ping-pong table, and internet access. Once we got in yesterday, we did some unpacking and then went to the grocery store across the street to get food for the weekend. That was a fun little adventure. =] When we got back, we ate our dinner, got our showers, and went to bed by 9:30 because we were so exhausted.

Today, I didn’t wake up until noon. Rachel and Victoria both play guitar and we found one in the commons so we had a little worship time before we started our day. We walked around the town to do some exploring and then just rested and hung out for a while. A couple hours ago we walked next door and bought our first pizza of the semester to bring back to the house for dinner. IT. WAS. GOOD. Mmmmmm.

The only thing I’m missing is my camera cord to transfer my photos to my computer. The parentals are going to ship it to me so it should be here in about a week I think. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find someone else who has something I can use before then, but if not, I’ll just have to wait to show you all what’s going on over here in Italy.

More updates to come more often, I promise.



6 thoughts on “ITALIA!

  1. ‘Hopefully, I’ll be able to find someone else who has *something* I can use before then,’
    hahaha I like that, it’s like “maybe someone could create some makeshift wire coupling to gather the information from my memory card and send it via foil satellite I made earlier onto your computer!”

    =P. The inegniousness of that is captivating.

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