And life goes on.

There’s still some adjusting going on here at CCBC Italy [for example, prolonged jet-lag, cultural change, and inability to express oneself or understand anything being said to you]. There’s also a battle that we students are fighting in spiritual warfare mostly in the forms of discouragement and doubting. I was experiencing some of the disheartening effects last night and this morning. God has been so good though and through prayer and even my class on Nehemiah this morning, I received so much confirmation and encouragement from the Lord. There has been strength and unity added to our group, and even as my roomies and I have been getting to know each other better and joking around, I can see where we are building relationships and bonding. It’s an exciting thing to see.

I have to go as my battery power is about to expire, but I’ll leave you with this request: please, keep all of us in your prayers.

Much love! Buonanotte!


One thought on “And life goes on.

  1. Hey. I expect to see some signature Heather pictures up here pretty soon. Get on it.

    Sounds like you’re having a great experience! It’s true, this experience has made me trust God so much more. Get excited for the things you’ll learn while you’re over here!

    I’m gonna try out my Italian on you:
    Ciao! Ci vediamo! Dov’e il bagno?

    I’ll keep working on it. 🙂

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