Changing Gears

I think I need to start putting “blogging” on my schedule. It’s amazing how time flies by and I look up and realize I haven’t written a blog up date in months. So much has been on my plate lately, but I still need to take time to fill everyone in. So here’s an update on some of what the Lord has been doing in my life lately:

God has been SO faithful to provide me with someone to room with when I get to Rome! This was something I started praying for as soon as I was accepted because I wanted to be able to split the cost of rent with someone, plus I’m a very social person and I really didn’t want to live alone! Well, one day in December, my team leader, Sarah, sent me an email from Rome saying that she had met a girl who was with another missions organization who was in Rome for a vision trip and was coming back to the States to raise support. She suggested that we connect since we were both looking for a roommate and were hoping to get to Rome around the same time. I was a little nervous to talk to someone I had never met about the possibility of living together, but I was also really excited. So I contacted Danielle and since she was going to be coming through South Texas to do some ministry partnership development, we planned to meet and talk over lunch. We chatted about missions and our calling to Italy and about roommate preferences and we got along very well. We planned to keep in touch since we had both been hoping to reach our funding goals and get to Italy by mid-spring. As time went on, neither of us made our spring goal, but we continued to make about the same amount of progress and we’ve been able to encourage one another on our journey. God’s faithfulness has been so evident in orchestrating my friendship with Danielle and I’m so grateful that He has put us in each other’s paths. Right now, we are both hoping to make it to Rome by September!

I appreciate the continued prayers and support. Let me know if you want to be put on my email update list. My first Mail Chimp newsletter should be going out tonight or tomorrow!



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