Prayer, Please!

I’ll be composing a more detailed post soon. This quick update is just to ask for prayer.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with the missions team at Wayside Chapel to discuss the possibility of them joining my ministry partnership team. Please, pray that I have the right words to share about how God is working in Italy.

Right now, I’m waiting on one last document to come in the mail before I can go to the Italian Consulate in Houston to apply for my visa. I’m really hoping that it will come tomorrow so that I can make the trip on Friday. Please, pray that when I do get to go, I have absolutely everything I need and that they won’t suddenly say that I need one more thing. I’d really like to get the application submitted without having to come back another day with more paperwork.

And lastly, I’m getting SO CLOSE to being fully funded! I have less than $3000 to raise. I’d really like to be fully funded by the end of September, because I’m leaving on October 22! The Lord has been so faithful to provide for me thus far, and I know that He can do the rest. Thanks to those of you who have already been a part of my support raising journey. Please, pray for open hearts who are willing to join me in ministry.

To everyone who has been involved up to this point in support, encouragement, and prayer, thank you so much! You are much appreciated!



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