Adjusting and Learning

Ciao from Roma!

In case you didn’t see on Twitter, or Facebook, or get the note from the messenger pigeon, I made it safely to Italia on October 23! All my flights went pretty smoothly. Only my last flight, London to Rome, was delayed, and that was only about an hour. All in all, everything was relatively uneventful, which is nice when flying over an ocean.

Airplane Taxiing

About to leave San Antonio!

Transatlantic Flight

Just before sunrise over the cloud-covered Atlantic.

I got over my jet lag in just a few days, and the last couple weeks I’ve just been adjusting and settling in. I’m staying with my team leaders, Brian and Sarah Bennetch, right now, and they have been so helpful with getting my documents put together, getting my bearings in the city, figuring out my next steps, etc. I’m so blessed to have them and my teammates Zach and Naomi Baliva who already know the ropes and can help walk me through this process.

Appia Antica

A rain storm coming on a street corner on Via Appia Antica.

At this point, I’ve been mostly playing the information collector, gathering culture, standards, language. I know this role is essential right now, but I’m also looking forward to getting involved in the different areas of ministry in this city. I’m praying right now that the Lord will show me a few specific areas that I should be involved in. I think one of them might be teaching English. Last week, I went with Sarah to the English class she teaches and it was so fun to interact with her students, especially when they had those “ah-ha!” moments of comprehension. Even though I wasn’t in charge, I still got to be included in that “teacher” role which I’ve come to love so much. It made me miss the girls Bible study that I taught back home, but also excited as I anticipate finding that area of ministry that I just fit right into. The Lord has been so faithful to get me all the way to this place, I know He has a special purpose and plan for what He wants to accomplish through me while I’m here.

Right now I’m off to work on filling out another legal document and checking out cellphone plans. More stories [and pictures] to come soon.

Buon fine settimana! Have a good weekend! ;]



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