Nefarious Event Prayer Guide

One of the faithful volunteers helping with preparations for our Nefarious film event produced a great prayer guide for this last week leading up to the big day. Will you join us in praying? And if you feel so led, you can join our team as we fast on Thursday [from food, or whatever the Lord calls you to go without as a reminder to draw near to Him]. Here is the list of items to pray for each day:

Monday, March 18th
Pray that the Holy Spirit will start to prepare the hearts of the people that are coming, that they will be open to see and receive the truth of the situation of human trafficking. Pray that VIP’s will commit to come and reserve their seats ASAP. Pray that God will provide the volunteers what we need to help us the day of the showings. Pray that God will protect the people that are in charge from getting sick, getting discouraged or frustrated as the big day approaches. Pray for spiritual protection for all the people/volunteers/churches that are involved.

Tuesday, March 19th
Pray for the Exodus Cry team as they have been traveling and ministering for almost a month now. Pray for protection, the leading of the Holy Spirit, strength and wisdom from the Lord as they minister to so many cities and different cultures.  Pray for us as we focus on inviting as many people as we can here in Rome.

Wednesday, March 20th
Pray that God will bring the right people to fill the 425 seats. Pray that a lot of influential people will come and their hearts will be broken by the Spirit about the situation of human trafficking.

Thursday, March 21st [our team’s day of prayer and fasting]
Pray for wisdom for us as we put together the last details. Pray for unity, love and grace amongst the Body of Christ and the volunteers. Pray that we will serve with a humble attitude and servant hearts.

Friday, March 22nd
Pray for the potential technological/media problems during the showings. Pray that everything will go well and without problems. Pray that the Rome volunteers and Exodus Cry will work together and communicate well with one another.

Saturday, March 23rd
Pray that this will be a day when God will be glorified through everything we do. Pray that every seat will be filled, every DVD (Nefarious DVDs) will be sold, every person that is present will be changed, every heart will be broken and everyone will leave fired up and ready to do something about human trafficking. Pray that we will see people come to Christ that day. Pray that the Body of Christ will work beautifully together and will be an awesome representation of Christ. Pray that that day will be the beginning of the fight against trafficking and not just an end to a successful outreach.


Thank you for your commitment to pray and to be a part of this movement to end modern-day slavery!


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