Hi. I’m Heather. This is my blog about Italy.

If you go back to the beginning, you’ll see that this actually started as a blog about my semester of Bible college in Montebelluna, Italy in the spring of 2010. That’s when God started the fire in my heart for Missions in Italy out of the spark of love for Italy that He had already put there long ago.

Now, you can follow my journey here as I serve God and the people of Italy on the EFCA ReachGlobal Rome City Team. I first joined the team with a short-term, one-year commitment, which was extended to a second year. Toward the end of that second year, God called me to transition to a long-term position, serving as the team’s English Outreach Coordinator. You can read the longer version of this call and transition on my Called to Serve page.

The Rome City Team exists to cultivate an environment the Holy Spirit can use to create a Gospel movement in Rome by holistically making disciples and connecting them to missional faith communities. Our central purpose is to develop, empower, and release Gospel workers to bring about life transformation in our city and beyond. The Rome City Team ministers to the city of Rome through many avenues, including local church involvement, English outreach, and anti-trafficking work. Our vision is that we are “Asking God for a thousand points of Gospel light in Rome.”

If you are interested in partnering with me financially, you can follow this link [http://efca.org/give], click the Give Now button, under Designation: Other type “Creamer #1488”
You can also send a check [in the memo line: Creamer #1488] to the national office:
Evangelical Free Church of America
901 East 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420-1300


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